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Farewell to long-standing rep Julie

5 Oct 2021

Greater Manchester branch member Julie Hardman has stepped down as an RCN rep after 21 years.

She joined the RCN as a student in 1980 after being invited to a branch meeting at a pub, beginning her journey as a learning rep and going on to become an AfC rep and a steward.

She has also worked on several RCN learning projects and was given an award for her contribution. During the 2000s, Julie was Branch Chair of the Greater Manchester branch and worked with former SRO Janine Dyson.

She has supported lots of members throughout her time with the RCN, recalling that none were ever easy but that she learnt a lot about communication, negotiation and employment law. She said: “I have a stack of thank you cards – always a good sign. I have undertaken numerous TUPEs and been involved in lots of policy making. I like to make the voice of nursing heard but don’t always shout it from the highest point.”

Julie’s most memorable moment was speaking to Queen’s Council with Senior Legal Officer Ferguson Doyle adding: “I never thought I’d do that!”

Julie recalls that she “has always been valued by the HR staff that I worked with and they have commented on my professional behaviours –a good trait that the RCN teaches us to remain professional, compassionate and lead by example. The RCN has equipped me with a lot of skills that I have been able to use within both my personal and professional life and for that I shall always be grateful. Thank you RCN!”

SRO David Hopton said: “Julie has been a fantastic asset to the RCN. Her hard work and dedication over the years has been exemplary.

“Julie has gained the upmost respect from all those she has worked with in her RCN capacity. The regional staff will miss Julie and we want to thank her again for her service and commitment.”

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