An invitation to tender is invited for a research project on gender, nursing and pay

27 Mar 2018

Over recent months, the RCN has run a successful campaign to highlight the impact of pay restraint on registered nursing staff in the UK, showing that they - in common with many other NHS staff - have suffered a 14% real terms pay cut since 2010.

There is a broad feeling among nursing staff and their representatives that their treatment is related to a great extent to the high density of women in the nursing workforce, and the belief that they will carry on caring despite their working and economic situation. The RCN wishes to articulate the situation in a cogent and engaging way - how historical, sociological, cultural and political developments have coalesced to shape the workforce and their economic situation. We also want to use this evidence to plot steps that the RCN can take for the future to improve the economic and employment situation of our members - both female and male.

Research questions and objectives

The RCN is seeking proposals from researchers with an interest in the area of gender and pay and who will conduct the research working closely with the RCN Employment Relations Department. Research findings will be used to provide evidence to key stakeholders and form the basis of strategic decisions. The RCN would like as much of the project as is realistic to be completed by the end of 2018.

The project has two distinct phases

The first phase concerns building a robust evidence base around the interplay of gender, nursing, economic and employment experiences. It will consider the extent to which nursing is considered 'women's work' within the broader context of the position of women in the labour market.

The second phase will use this evidence to draw out the implications and potential policy actions for the RCN as a professional trade union, in terms of its political and influencing, negotiating and campaigning activities.

Proposals to be sent by 14 May 2018. For more information on this research project, and details of how to apply, please see the attached document.

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