London region kicks off season of free learning events

30 Aug 2018

The inner and outer branches of the RCN London regions will be hosting their annual Autumn of Learning events throughout October and November.

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The Autumn of Learning is a series of free, educational events in which members can learn new skills, deepen their understanding about issues affecting nursing and the health service as well as being an opportunity to share knowledge with other RCN members.

This year, across the five regions a programme of lectures and workshops will be delivered covering a huge range of subjects. These include:

  • Contemporary issues in nursing
  • Nursing research
  • Ethical issues in the withdrawal of life support
  • Alcohol abuse and mental health
  • Modern slavery
  • Trans health
  • Career development
  • 70 years of the NHS and the arrival of The Windrush
  • Well-being in today’s healthcare environment
  • Insight into emotional resilience at work.
  • Changing culture and creating opportunities. 
  • Inclusion in the workplace
  • Physical and mental wellbeing of staff and patients
  • How we can all age healthily

Lunch and refreshments will be provided, but places are limited, so please register if you wish to attend. Certificates of Attendance will be available for all attendees.

Find an event for you:

North West – 10 October

North East – 26 October

South East – 31 October

North Central – 02 November

South West – 23 November

Page last updated - 29/11/2018