Members to vote on important resolution at Extraordinary General Meeting

6 Sep 2018

The RCN’s communication of the NHS pay deal for England will be discussed at the EGM with members to vote on their confidence in the RCN leadership either in person or by proxy.

Birmingham rep

The EGM has been called following a petition by 1,017 validated RCN members to discuss the communication of the 2018 NHS pay deal in England and the process surrounding the dissemination of information about it.

The signatories of the petition called for a vote of no confidence in the current leadership of the RCN and for RCN Council to stand down. Members will now be able to cast their vote on a resolution relating to this by either attending the EGM in person or by casting their vote by proxy.

All members are able to vote by proxy online on the Electoral Reform Services (ERS) website. Members have been sent an email about how to vote by proxy by ERS today (Thursday 6 September). 

Casting a vote by proxy means members can ask someone attending the EGM to vote on their behalf. They can either instruct their proxy how to vote or ask them to decide for them. Members do not need to attend the EGM to cast a vote.

The meeting can also be watched live on the day by logging into the members’ area of the RCN website. 

The RCN has commissioned an external review into its processes around the communication of the pay deal. This will provide an independent account of the RCN’s activities around the pay deal, identify where things went wrong, and provide recommendations as to what the College can change. The RCN has committed to implementing these recommendations and publishing the review in full. 

While the full review is likely to take two or three months, initial findings will be published shortly so they can inform the discussion at the EGM.

The complete wording of the resolution can be found on the RCN website, along with statements from the members who proposed the EGM and RCN Council setting out their respective positions on it. If members vote that they agree with the resolution it means that members have no confidence in the College’s leadership and by implication want to see changes in the membership of RCN Council. 

The EGM is being held on Friday 28 September at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre from 11am. If you will be attending, please register to attend by 19 September. If you're not able to attend, please complete an online proxy vote. The deadline is Wednesday 26 September.

Page last updated - 12/12/2018