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Proposed changes at BMI Healthcare

7 Aug 2017

BMI Healthcare has confirmed the implementation of its 'Standard Structures' project for Nursing throughout August 2017. The RCN would like to hear from affected members about the proposed changes.

Under this project BMI aims to standardise all role profiles and align existing roles and job descriptions with newly developed ones. BMI’s objective is to bring consistency and transparency to roles, and to aid professional learning and development.

In principle the RCN supports consistency, transparency and support for professional development. We are however also keen to ensure that the process for our members is consistent and fair, and does not negatively affect them or their terms and conditions of work.

BMI has stated that for most staff, changes will be minor and nothing substantive will change. However, some members may be significantly affected, or wish to raise concerns regarding the proposals. 

BMI has provided presentations at work, outlining broad detail of the proposals. This detail will also include your option of lodging an appeal and grievance should you object to the changes being made.

The RCN urged BMI to consult with us and all BMI staff members about the changes to ensure they are appropriate to individuals, and so we could determine whether or not they require an amendment to terms and conditions. But despite this, BMI chose not to consult widely and has said it will consult only where there are “major” changes to an employee’s role.

The RCN has not been consulted on the new role profiles for nursing staff, and whilst we now have copies of these, we would welcome your feedback on them. 

What you need to do if you are employed at BMI 

It is important that BMI employees engage with the process to determine what the impact for them will be and provide feedback to BMI and to the RCN.

  • Read the document BMI Standard Structures Proposed Process for detail of how BMI wish to implement the changes.
  • Check the content of your current job description, and compare it to the proposed role profile/job description.
  • If you are informed that the change for you is “minor”, ensure the new role profile accurately outlines the description of your role as you currently undertake it and the parameters of it.
  • If you are unsure, and believe the new role profile/JD may change your terms and conditions in any way, (i.e. there are additional duties beyond which you currently do) or if you have any difficulty with what’s being proposed, we would advise you to request a meeting with your manager straight away.
  • If this conversation doesn’t resolve matters, please contact your RCN site representative for advice and support, or, if your site doesn’t have a representative, RCN Direct on 0345 772 6100 8.30 a.m. - 8.30 p.m. (seven days a week, 365 days a year.)
  • If we agree with BMI that the change doesn’t require any consultation with you, we will be able to advise and support you with the changes.
  • Alternatively, if you don’t agree with what’s being proposed and we believe you have grounds we can support you with lodging a grievance, as proposed by BMI.
  • We have drafted a template grievance letter, which you can use.
  • If the changes proposed for you constitute a “significant” or “major” change, we strongly advise you to obtain all papers and information and request a meeting with your manager. 
  • Significant and major changes will result in an amendment to your terms and conditions of employment. It is therefore vital that you engage fully with the process, ensure you are properly consulted with, and that you have RCN support for this process.
  • We hope that the changes will be a seamless minor transition for you, however, if you have any concern at all, we strongly advise you to raise this with your manager, engage fully with the process, request all paperwork, and if required contact the RCN for advice, support and assistance.
  • All of the proposed BMI Job Profiles, should be available on the BMI intranet for you to look at and scrutinise. If they aren’t, please ask your manager for access and copies.
  • We would welcome all feedback from you on this process, to support our discussions on your behalf with the BMI teams nationally and locally.

Page last updated - 15/06/2018