Protecting children and young people: new RCN guidance

31 Jan 2019

Nursing staff can now access updated guidance on keeping children and young people safe and recognising those at risk of harm.

nurse and child smiling

The document, published by the RCN alongside 20 other health organisations, includes vital updates in legislation in England as well as case studies, research and serious case reviews.

Fiona Smith, RCN Professional Lead for Children and Young People’s Nursing, said: “Wherever staff are working they need to be able to recognise when somebody in their care could be at risk and have the right skills and knowledge to take the appropriate action.

“The importance of prevention must not be overlooked and the guidance in this new document gives those caring for children and young people the vital learning needed to prevent harm as well as advice on what to do should something go wrong.

“The guidance includes vital information for chief executives and other senior leaders as they have overall responsibility for child protection and ensuring all their staff have the right skills in place.

“We know the consequences of not having the right skills and procedures to safeguard children from some high profile cases in the past. The aim of this document is to give to give those looking after vulnerable children and young people in our society the knowledge needed to prevent such tragedies from happening again.”

Page last updated - 01/07/2019