RCN cautions PM about NHS Wales criticism

24 Feb 2015

RCN Chief Executive & General Secretary cautions over political point scoring over the NHS in Wales.

Ahead of the Welsh Conservative party conference this week, Dr Peter Carter, RCN’s Chief Executive & General Secretary has written to the Prime Minister David Cameron to warn of the damage of constant criticism of the NHS in Wales, which is seriously demoralising staff.

"In both the House of Commons and the National Assembly, the NHS in Wales has been consistently cited as poorly performing in comparison to the NHS in England. This is of huge frustration and disappointment to nursing staff who are working tirelessly to care for patients in often difficult circumstances. The RCN is concerned that the effect of these remarks is causing further demoralisation of the workforce, at a time when nursing morale is already at an all time low. Comparative evidence of the health systems of all four countries actually shows that the performance gap is the narrowest it has ever been, and with no universal indicator to accurately compare performance, constant degrading and criticism is unhelpful."

Dr Carter encourages that rather than continue to disparage the NHS in Wales, politicians should support, and assist where possible, to find solutions to the challenges which the NHS in Wales is currently facing.

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