RCN in Wales responds to Welsh Government's news of social care reform

12 May 2015

Tina Donnelly, Director, RCN Wales responds to Welsh Government’s news of social care reform.

Tina Donnelly, Director, RCN Wales said: “With news from the Welsh Government, announcing changes to the eligibility criteria for social care and support for individuals in Welsh communities, we are starting to see the evolution of social care law in Wales - a reform that is needed and overdue. The Royal College of Nursing has long advocated the principles of patients receiving the right care, at the right time and in the most appropriate setting and these changes will hopefully help improve this decision.”

“Health care professionals are entrusted with looking after the best interests of patients by providing an individual and personalised pathway of care; by involving the patient, carer and their family from the beginning of each individual’s social care plans then we can hopefully provide a further nuanced process that will see improved outcomes. Frontline staff must be involved in every step of these innovative changes to ensure that the highest standards of care are being provided under this renewed legislation.”

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