RCN members accept Jersey pay deal

29 Mar 2019

Three-quarters of members who voted chose to accept a mediated pay offer from the States.

UK PAYE slip

RCN members on Jersey have voted to accept a mediated pay offer from the States.

The improved offer was made in early March following a mediation process with the Jersey Advisory and Conciliation Service. 

It’s after members rejected a pay offer from the States in January and threatened to run a ballot for strike action. 

Of the 53% of eligible members who voted on the revised offer, 75% chose to accept it. 

Lindsay Meeks, South East Regional Director, said: “We’re pleased to be able to draw a line under this negotiation round, which has been bitter and difficult at times. 

“It is a huge disappointment to us that it took the historic step of the threat of a strike ballot to shift the thinking of the States. Our position over the months has never changed: pay our nurses fairly.

“Our members were clear, they wanted to have their work valued and to receive equal pay for work of equal value. The pay parity adjustments due in January will finally address this. 

“Our members have been fantastic throughout this process, they have been tenacious and dedicated and never wavered from their desire to be treated fairly. This process really shows the value of trade union negotiations in supporting workers’ rights.”

The offer that has been accepted is for:

  • 2018 - 3.1%
  • 2019 - 3%
  • 2020 - RPI (as of Sept 2019) + 1.3% 

The RPI isn't capped. A "no detriment clause" is also included which means if another pay group is given a better deal, the employer will match it for nurses and midwives. 

There is also the promise to give all pay grades pay parity on 1 January 2020, which means nurses will receive an additional uplift to match them with their allied health professional colleagues.

To ensure parity and equity for nurses in the long term the RCN will be starting immediate discussions with the States on reviewing the pay framework and job descriptions to make sure everyone is correctly banded to maintain pay parity in the future. 


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