RCN report reveals that nursing staff are missing out on essential training due to staff shortages

28 Apr 2015

An RCN survey of more than 14,000 staff, with over 700 respondents working in Wales, has revealed that nearly a fifth (18.3%) of nursing staff were unable to complete essential training and Continued Professional Development (CPD) due to a lack of funds and staff shortages.

Tina Donnelly, Director, RCN Wales said of the report’s findings: “This survey highlights the alarming pressures that NHS staff are currently facing on a daily basis in their workplace. In Wales, we are seeing both our services, and its staff, being stretched to its limit in order to keep up with demand. In attempting to meet this demand our staff are missing out on vital training and development opportunities that is their right to access.”

“It is worrying to see that due to issues such as staffing shortages we are even seeing a significant percentage of staff missing out on essential training each year – a crucial aspect in maintaining the highest standards within our workforce. We must see systemic pressures alleviated if we are to see any improvement in figures such as these and help secure a safer and more secure future for staff of the Welsh NHS, and the patients it serves.”

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