Welsh Government commits to extending Nurse Staffing Levels law

20 May 2016

The Welsh Government has confirmed they will extend the law into further settings following an agreement with Kirsty Williams AM.

Following today's announcement that Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister for Wales and Kirsty Williams AM, Welsh Liberal Democrats will work together in the new Welsh Government in order to ensure "there are more nurses, in more settings, through an extended nurse staffing levels law", Tina Donnelly, Director, RCN Wales, said: 

"We are delighted to welcome this commitment by the new Welsh Government to progressing the Nurse Staffing Levels (Wales) Act 2016 by extending it into further clinical settings. In order for this to be a success we must ensure that adequate workforce planning is made a priority so we have enough nurses being trained and working in Wales to achieve the standards that are set, with a hope that one day this law will be enforced in all clinical settings. We must also ensure that under-resourced services such as mental health are included in this extension if we are to see the highest standards of care delivered in the Welsh NHS." 

"As always, we look forward to working with the Welsh Government and other key stakeholders on achieving this commitment, which will signal a better future for both nurses and patients alike, working and living in Wales."

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