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Celebrate LGBTQ History Month with the RCN Library and Archive

17 Feb 2022

Join us for LGBTQ+ History Month in February to explore the impact of homelessness on young people’s healthcare.

A collection of LGBTQ+ pride badges created by the RCN over the years Have you heard of the Inclusion Café Book Club? It’s a virtual book club for RCN members, which takes place every two months as a safe and friendly space to discuss inclusion and diversity in nursing. In February, the Book Club focuses on LGBTQ+ stories and this year we’ve invited the Outside Project, the UK’s first LGBTQ+ crisis/homeless shelter and community centre to come and tell us about their work. Young LGBTQ+ people are at increased risk of homelessness, which brings with it a whole range of health needs. Join us on 24 February for a relaxed discussion over a cup of coffee.

You can also watch some of the interviews from last year’s Inclusion Cafe online. In LGBTQ+ History Month 2021, we interviewed Rachael Ridley about her experiences of transitioning while working as a nurse and discussed stories of patient care (and failings) from Christine Burns’ Trans Britain, which you can find as an eBook in the Library and Archive collections. For more reading around LGBTQ+ healthcare, check out our subject guide.

Our exhibitions also showcase the diversity of LGBTQ+ nursing. In Hidden in Plain Sight, you can read the story of Cathlin du Sautoy and Lady Hermione Blackwood, who adopted two French orphans as a couple while working together in France at the end of the First World War. Our Pandemic! exhibition also explored research by Dr Tommy Dickinson on the work of LGBTQ+ nurses during the HIV/AIDS crisis. You can also watch our interview with Dr Dickinson on his research into the unsettling history of aversion therapy, from his book Curing Queers.

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