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Guernsey: Nurses pay award imposed but not necessarily accepted

30 Dec 2020

The Royal College of Nursing has warned that whilst a surprise 2021 5% pay award is welcomed, it still may not be accepted by members who have been promised by P&R that pay parity will be addressed.

The news of the 2021 offer has come as a shock as the College considered that talks on pay and addressing pay parity were open and ongoing – not a done deal as presented by P&R today.

Following the protracted pay negotiations for the 2019/20 pay offer which culminated in a strike action ballot which was only shelved due to COVID-19, P&R had resolved to sit down with the Royal College Of Nursing to thrash out details on achieving pay parity.

Kenny Lloyd, RCN member and negotiator says: “This announcement has come out of the blue and is not quite as cut and dried as presented. As always, the devil is in the detail and it is this detail we need to clarify. As a membership organisation we will be asking our members for their views before deciding our next steps. We welcome the commitment to recognise the nursing workforce and can see that 5% is a good offer especially when nurses and midwives are getting such an award whilst other pay groups are not.”

Patricia Marquis, RCN South East Regional Director adds: “It’s disappointing to see this announcement made at the end of the year without due consideration to talking to us or the other pay groups it affects. However, this announcement does not appear to have been made in the spirit of the open and transparent negotiations we thought we were part of. 

“We are seeking clarity around a few details and a commitment to ongoing talks, before we go back to our members for their final view. Regardless of this, it is imperative that a positive and constructive dialogue continues and that nursing pay remains high on the political agenda. Whether accepted or not, this award is a small step toward the parity nurses seek and our attention must turn to the pay framework and long term parity in order to secure a solid future for nurses in Guernsey.”

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