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Lobby your MHK about pay

Write to your MHK

18 Jan 2022

If you want your MHK to hear your voice, we have created a template to help you write to them.

Dear (insert MHK name)

I am a member of your constituency, and I am writing to ask you for your support.  

My address is: (insert first line of address)

I am a registered nurse / health care assistant employed by Manx Care and I am utterly dismayed at the way we are being treated at the moment by the organisation.  

As my MHK I want to make you aware of the issues that are impacting on the workforce and health and social care employers on the Isle of Man including fair pay and safe staffing. 

Despite months of negotiations, Manx Care employees were offered 1% plus a one-off payment of £500.  This has since increased to 3% however this offer is still an insult.  In the time it has taken to reach this position – almost 9 months - we have seen our cost of living soar and demand on services increase with inadequate staffing levels in place.  We are exhausted, over-worked and under-paid for the level of responsibility we have. 

As you are probably aware, recruitment is extremely difficult on the Isle of Man and this has been exacerbated by Covid 19 and border restrictions. 

I urge you to represent the interests of health and social care staff on the island and we would welcome your help and influence in both Tynwald and in urging the Chief Executive of Manx Care, Teresa Cope to reward the commitment demonstrated, not only during the pandemic, but year in, year out and not leave exhausted staff on tenterhooks. 

We are already in the midst of a nursing workforce crisis across the whole of the UK and unless its an attractive prospect to work on the Isle of Man, we are not going to be able to provide safe and effective care to patients. 

Best wishes,
(Insert name )


Page last updated - 18/01/2022