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National Insurance rise set to put further financial strain on nursing staff in Scotland

Pay slip

Responding to the national insurance rise today (Wednesday 6th April), RCN Scotland Director, Colin Poolman, said:

“This national insurance rise is part of a concerning financial outlook which is set to leave many of our members across Scotland worse off in real terms.

“Nursing staff are already feeling the financial strain with the recent increase in petrol prices, heating bills and the day-to-day basics.

“They feel they have given a huge amount throughout the pandemic and are now being asked to pay for the recovery of the very health and care system they kept running for the last two years.

“The Scottish government is yet to begin negotiations for this year’s NHS pay, meaning that nursing staff don’t even know how much they are going to be paid as they face higher bills and a cost-of-living crisis.

“Many staff are exhausted after two years of unrelenting pressure and now record high levels of vacancies. 

“The Scottish government has a simple choice to make – give nursing staff the pay rise they deserve, one that does not leave them worse off in real terms, or risk an exodus of the workforce and further exacerbating the staffing crisis.”


Page last updated - 07/04/2022