RCN calls on supermarkets to support nursing staff throughout COVID-19 pandemic

20 Mar 2020

We’re asking supermarket bosses to provide priority access for nursing staff to buy basic necessities.

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In an open letter to supermarket bosses we explain the reality of health care professionals being faced with empty shelves, unable to buy even the most basic foods. 

While panic buying continues, we believe certain essential items should be held back for those staff working around the clock for the health and wellbeing of everyone.

The letter follows the concerns of many nursing staff who are struggling to get healthy food for themselves or their families while working long, demanding shifts caring for people affected by COVID-19.

One critical care nurse made headlines after recording a heart-breaking video in her car explaining that after a 48-hour hospital shift, she found supermarket shelves bare and she was worried she’d be able to stay healthy in these challenging times.

Page last updated - 30/03/2020