RCN Wales responds to Welsh Governments 40 million investment announcement

16 Jan 2015

Tina Donnelly, Director, RCN Wales responds to Welsh Government's £40 million investment announcement.

Of the Welsh Government’s announcement, Tina Donnelly, Director, RCN Wales, said:

“We are pleased to see that the Welsh Government are taking measures to address the very real issues that the Welsh NHS is currently facing. Whilst we welcome the £40 million investment that the Health Minister announced today, we would hope to see that periods of heightened pressures are taken into account in future NHS financial planning. This will ensure that the demands on the NHS are met with an appropriate increase in resources - such as improved staffing numbers.”

“This investment will hopefully help alleviate services that have been particularly overstretched during the winter period, such as Accident & Emergency. In order to further ensure the safety of patients during these challenging periods, NHS staff must also be fully supported to enable them to provide the highest standards of care possible.”

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