Act now to help fund our future nurses

27 Aug 2019

RCN members are being asked to tweet the Chancellor to urge him to invest in nursing higher education and help fix the workforce crisis in England.

No funding = Not enough nurses = Patient care suffers

Ahead of next month’s Spending Round, we’re calling on the government to invest at least £1billion a year into nursing higher education in England to attract more people to enter the profession and help grow the workforce.

RCN members and others can help amplify the message by tweeting the Chancellor, Sajid Javid MP, asking him to fund our future nurses.

Since the nursing bursary was removed in 2016, the number of people accepted onto undergraduate nursing degree courses in England has dropped by 8%. The number of people applying to study nursing has also fallen by 29%.

There are almost 40,000 nursing vacancies in the NHS in England alone and the number of new nurses is not increasing quickly enough to fill these growing vacancies.

RCN England Director Patricia Marquis said: “Together with our members we’re calling on the Chancellor to heed our call during the Spending Round. If action is not taken now to boost the number of people starting, and crucially completing, nursing degrees we will continue to see patient care being put at risk.

“We have seen recent announcements of investments in hospitals, and more recently a review of the quality of hospital food, yet with all this going on there is silence on investing to grow the workforce.

 “We need investment now to ensure the health and care system has the nursing staff it needs to deliver safe and effective patient care.”

Tweet the Chancellor and ask him to take action

We’re asking RCN members and others to tweet the Chancellor, Sajid Javid MP, with the message below:

.@sajidjavid, in England there are almost 40,000 vacant nursing posts in the NHS alone. You can help fix this by investing in nursing higher education. The #SpendingRound is your chance to #FundOurFuture nurses because #safestaffingsaveslives

Tweet the Chancellor now.

The call for investment is part of the RCN’s Fund our Future campaign which is asking the government to invest at least £1billion a year in nursing higher education in England. Read more about our RCN’s Fund our Future campaign.

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