Campaigning reopens in RCN Deputy President elections

16 Sep 2020

New guidance has been created for candidates standing for election.


The new Chair of RCN Council Dave Dawes has confirmed that campaigning is today (16 September) reopening in the RCN Deputy President elections after it was paused last month. Voting will commence on 24 September when a virtual hustings event will also take place at 7pm. 

In an email to all members, Dave said: “We have updated the campaigning guidance for candidates, and it is available on the RCN website. It has been changed to allow much greater use of social media platforms, which is crucial during this time of pandemic. We are allowing all candidates to post on Facebook groups for the purpose of this election. 

“Your elected Council will discuss the options for the RCN President elections when it meets on 1 October and I will update members on any decisions taken as soon as possible after that date. 

“I have also confirmed in recent days that Council will be calling for a General Meeting to take place soon and the detail of this will be agreed on 1 October. Some of you may have signed the call for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) and I can assure you that Council wants the issues that you raised to be discussed at this meeting. Further information will be made available after the 1 October Council meeting. 

“I am determined as Chair to represent the full breadth of RCN members and the issues you care about most. I believe that not only do we need to become more member-led, but we need every single one of you to feel like we have become more member-led.  

“I hope the forthcoming General Meeting will be a space where we can hear your thoughts about how we can achieve this, and we can strengthen the RCN together.” 


Page last updated - 16/09/2020