RCN Wales calls on Welsh Government to Improve Communications to Health and Care Staff on their Second Dosage of COVID-19 Vaccine following the results of RCN survey

85% of nursing staff surveyed in Wales have had a COVID-19 vaccine, according to the RCN survey with NHS employees ranking top.  However, more than half of nursing staff (52%) said they did not know when they would receive the second vaccine dosage. 

Helen Whyley, Director of the Royal College of Nursing Wales said: “I am pleased that the majority of those who responded to the survey have received the first dose of the vaccine. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) guidance is clear that the COVID-19 vaccine should be available to all health and social care staff. The issue with staff sickness has been acute in recent months so ensuring staff are vaccinated should help in ensuring sufficient staff to care for patients and hopefully a return to non-COVID-19 NHS activity.”

Respondents to the survey were also asked whether they knew when they would be receiving their second dose. 24 % said they had an appointment already booked, 24 % said that while they did not have an appointment they knew they would receive the second dose within 12 weeks. However 52% of respondents said they had not had any communication about receiving their second dose.  

Helen Whyley added: “It is very important that health care staff are reassured that plans are in place for their second dose. The Welsh Government should ensure that NHS Wales improves the communication to health and care staff urgently.  It is imperative that health care workers second jabs are planned and this is communicated to staff. On a purely logistical basis this is needed to ensure they are released by their employer to receive it.”


Page last updated - 09/02/2021