RCN Wales responds to approval of Oxford Astra/Zeneca COVID-19 Vaccine

Responding to the approval of the Oxford Astra/Zeneca COVID-19 vaccine, Helen Whyley, Director RCN Wales, said: “We are pleased with the news of the approval of this newest COVID-19 vaccine. This announcement will give hope to lots of people. 
The roll-out of the vaccines across the country is a massive operation that requires a multi-disciplinary team effort. It is imperative that we have enough nursing staff to aid the vaccination programme and to also maintain the day to day health and care services for patients.  
The virus is affecting patients but also health care workers at an alarming rate. While the second vaccine is good news for the general public, we need to ensure that nurses and other health and social care workers are given the vaccine as a matter of priority. 
Furthermore, this isn’t a license to throw caution to the wind. We are still amid a very dangerous pandemic. I urge everyone to continue to follow the Welsh Government guidelines while we are in Level Alert 4, which includes social distancing, hand washing and staying at home."

Page last updated - 30/12/2020