Time for the Welsh Government to make an announcement on nursing pay

7 Jul 2021

RCN Wales urges the Welsh Government to commit today to a significant pay rise for nursing staff

Almost a year has passed since a public poll revealed an overwhelming majority of the public (85%) supported an early and significant pay rise for NHS staff by the end of 2020.

Helen Whyley, RCN Wales Director, said: “Nursing is a safety critical profession that has demonstrated its true worth to the people of Wales during the COVID- 19 pandemic. The Welsh Government should commit now to the 12.5% pay rise nursing staff in Wales deserve.

“Nursing staff have gone above and beyond over the past 16 months; coming out of retirement, joining the workforce from their studies and taking on new roles. But the truth is that they were managing intense pressures and significant vacancies long before the arrival of COVID-19. Nurses need a generous pay rise to keep them nursing and attract the next generation.”

In June RCN Wales joined with eight other unions to call on the Welsh Government to give NHS staff an urgent, significant and well-earned pay rise.

Nicky Hughes, Associate Director of Nursing (Employment Relations), RCN Wales said: “Nurses have been calling for a significant rise for this NHS pay round since the autumn of 2020. Nurses are feeling like the Welsh Government is ready to pack their bags for their summer break without having demonstrated the worth of the nurses who have been the safety critical workforce. Our members need cash in their pockets and many are considering other better paid employment to make ends meet. This award is long overdue.”

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