Child and Maternal Health Observatory

Published: 12 March 2009

Lisa Nobes, Children and Young People Field of PracticeLisa Nobes (Children and Young People Field of Practice) recently attended a conference at the University of York to launch ChiMat, the Child and Maternal Health Observatory.

A Co-ordinated National Approach

ChiMat is a national public health observatory established to provide data and evidence related to children's, young people's and maternal health. It has been developed to support a co-ordinated national approach to the development and delivery of child and maternal health intelligence, enable easy access to high quality, up to date information and knowledge and to provide a single gateway and signposting service to a wide range of evidence, reliable health intelligence, expertise and support.

'Knowledge Hub'

A key objective is to provide evidence and support for the new Child Health Strategy and get data working more effectively. A key area of interest for practitioners is the 'knowledge hub' which contains a range of key information sources including policy and guidance, primary research and journals. These can be browsed individually or used via the search engine to research a particular subject area.

Tools of the Trade

However, ChiMat's unique selling point as opposed to other intellegence providers centres around its ability to provide tools and systems to consider what interventions are effective, will offer tools to identify who needs support and will be a way of disseminating good practice.

ChiMat also provides easy access to a wealth of data, information and intelligence through a range of online tools. The website is easy to navigate with a news, events, latest resources menu and excellent e-bulletin.

ChiMat is available online via the Association of Public Health Obervatories website at www.apho.org.uk.