RCN house style for print and web



effect, affect

see affect

eg, etc

avoid except in tables, forms. Use “for example” instead

eBulletin, eNewsletter

use to refer to relevant publications produced by the RCN. No hyphen. Uppercase Bulletin or Newsletter


e-journal, e-book, e-library, e-portfolio

still hyphenated, for clarity


avoid; use older people or older person instead


no hyphen

email and website addresses

no full stop if email address comes at the end of a sentence, likewise web addresses. Avoid using someone’s name and then repeating it in the email address: Email David Nightingale at david.nightingale@rcn.org.uk; instead say Email david.nightingale@rcn.org.uk
No need for http:// at the front of web addresses

embarrass, embarrassment


not empathetic


general; inquiry for legal use – an official investigation


“she has epilepsy”, not “she is an epileptic”

European Convention on Human Rights

note capitals

exclamation marks

do not use!

extraordinary general meeting

then EGM