We offer a range of RSS feeds covering health-related issues, which offer web content in the form of news stories, web logs and video relevant to our members.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, which is the term used to describe a family of web feed formats that are used to publish frequently updated content such as web blogs, news headlines and podcasts.

Also known as newsfeeds, the key advantages of using RSS feeds means you get the new content from a website as soon as it is updated, which saves you the job of going to the site and checking for it manually. Plus, there is no limit to the number of feeds that can be set up in one place, so it means you don’t have to trawl around various websites checking for updates.

An RSS document, called a "feed," "web feed," or "channel," contains either a summary of content from an associated website or the full text.

The initials "RSS" although mostly used to refer to Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0), also include RDF Site Summary (RSS 1.0 and RSS 0.90) and Rich Site Summary (RSS 0.91).

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