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Retired nurses' group

The Northern region retired nurses' group hold regular meetings that reflect our retired members’ nursing interests and concerns, as well as featuring topical discussions and presentations.

Meeting dates 

  • 3 February

  • 6 April

  • 1 June

  • 10 August

  • 5 October

  • 7 December

  • 2 Feb 2021.

Meetings are held from 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm at the RCN Northern region office, 2nd floor, Avalon House, St Catherine's Court, Sunderland Enterprise Park, Sunderland SR5 3XJ.

If you’d like to come to the next meeting, or for more information, please email or call her on 0191 511 5809.

Key objectives

The key objectives of the Northern region retired nurses' group are to:

  • consult on national and regional policies and procedures to support and reflect nursing issues
  • develop and implement appropriate mechanisms and skills in support of media campaigns, e.g. lobbying
  • develop close links with RCN Northern board and  branches to ensure integration with the group
  • develop close links with RCN officers to contribute to education, development and training, recruitment, and equality and diversity agendas
  • establish, where appropriate, sub-working groups in order to progress issues outside of group meetings, that will be reported back for discussion and agreement
  • ensure appropriate communication mechanisms so that information is cascaded to and from the group in a consistent and timely manner
  • keep abreast of developments in respect of current issues as they affect nursing
  • develop, where possible, links with local health committees: e.g. health and social affairs scrutiny committees and clinical commissioning groups.

Why join the group?

Cate Woolley-Brown is the group's chair. Below, she reflects on the group's purpose and achievements.

"When you retire, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your involvement with nursing. I started the Northern region’s retired nurses’ group in 2009 and membership of the group is growing very steadily – people see the value of coming along. It’s very nice for us to meet together but it’s not just a social drop-in – it’s not that kind of group - we focus on nursing issues and get a lot done. We talk about anything that’s current in the nursing world, local issues and issues that affect us as retired nurses. We have a lot to offer."

"It’s definitely a two-way thing though – members can bring their concerns to the group, and often because a lot of us are members of other groups, committees and boards, we can raise the issues elsewhere too. I’m also a member of the National Pensioners’ Committee and share any information I get from there with the group. We’re a very lively and active group and people can benefit from coming to know what’s going on in their local area. Our regional director and the RCN officers are very supportive of the group, and it’s good to still feel part of nursing, we’re not forgotten and we’re out there and an important part of the Royal College of Nursing."

Page last updated - 14/10/2019