RCN Leadership

Demonstrating Value: the full programme

Learn how to apply the principles of economic assessment in practice and demonstrate value

Six-month full programme

Designed for frontline staff, leading services in health and social care organisations, and academic staff aiming to incorporate a pragmatic approach to economic assessment into their curricula.

What do participants learn?

Through face-to-face teaching, one-to-one coaching and tutorials, participants learn about

  • the principles of economic assessment
  • different approaches to economic assessment
  • how to undertake an economic assessment to demonstrate value in practice.

At the end of the course participants:

  • understand how to effectively communicate the value of their service to key decision makers
  • know how to lead informed discussions with key stakeholders while ensuring their economic assessment has impact
  • learn how to apply the principles of economic assessment in practice - demonstrating the true economic costs and the benefits of their service
  • develop a case study to share with key stakeholders to inform organisational decision making.


For a cohort of 10 individuals, the cost starts at £13,950 + VAT per cohort.

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Leadership Development, Royal College of Nursing, 20 Cavendish Square, Room 207, London, W1G 0RN


0207 647 3485

One day masterclass

Looking for more of an introduction to economic assessment? Have a look at our one day masterclass

I was a novice with this type of thinking before the programme. It has educated me and enabled me to view things from a different perspective. I can now describe my service and role in economic terms which is powerful.

Past participant from Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Trust

Demonstrating Value - case studies

Have a look at a selection of case studies produced by previous participants

End of Life Care

Watch the video of the breakfast event, Demonstrating the value of nurse-led innovations in End of Life Care, which took place on 27 April 2016

Do you feel that taking part in the programme and producing your case study has changed your attitude towards economic assessment? 
Definitely yes. I can apply this process to other areas to support my role and initiate change

Past participant