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eHealth covers the ways technologies can act as key enablers in delivering healthcare in today's society.

This theme covers the ways technologies can act as key enablers in delivering healthcare in today’s society. It’s much more than any one type of technology or device. We are seeing the appearance of new operational models supported by technology.


BBC News

Project Nightingale: Google accesses trove of US patient data

Google has gained access to a huge trove of US patient data - without the need to notify those patients - thanks to a deal with a major health firm. The scheme, dubbed Project Nightingale, was agreed with Ascension, which hopes to develop artificial intelligence tools for doctors.

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making

Standards as applied in reality: a case study on the translation of standards in eHealth evaluation practice

Application of standards is a way to increase quality in an evaluation study. However, standards are used insufficiently in eHealth evaluation, affecting the generalization of the knowledge generated.

Digital Health

Paramedics using 999 callers’ phones to get footage from serious incidents

London Ambulance Service paramedics are using 999 callers’ mobile phone cameras to get on-scene footage from serious incidents before they arrive. Trauma paramedics request remote access to callers’ phone cameras so they can quickly understand a patient’s injuries and what resources are needed.

Digital Health

Vascular consultant uses Facebook to connect with patients

A vascular consultant has been using social media to connect with patients in need of a second opinion. “It’s been a real eye-opener in terms of the power of a social media in bringing people together and I’m not aware of any medical colleagues in my specialism using it in this way. It’s a fantastic way of giving patients more choice.

Journal of Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association

Digital transformation of hospital quality and safety: real-time data for real-time action

This case study details the first known digitisation of the 10 national quality and safety standards mandated in a quaternary integrated digital hospital. Data were chosen and the data were then extracted and validated and presented (often in near real time) in an easily consumable dashboard format with appropriate governance to allow clinicians and executives to monitor the quality and safety standards across the hospital.

National Health Executive

NHS Trust introduces artificial intelligence for monitoring eye health

East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust has adopted artificial intelligence (AI) to test the health of patient’s eyes. In collaboration with doctors at the trust, the University of Kent has developed AI computer software able to detect signs of eye disease.

National Health Executive

NHS Blood and Transplant agree deal for technology and communications services

BT is to partner with NHS Blood and Transplant using its 4G network to connect the service's fixed donor centres with remote sites. The test phase will see staff provided with mobile devices to record and update patient details, as well as to track information on blood donation bookings and blood donor records.

The Verge

Facebook’s new Preventive Health tool pushes people to advocate for their health

Facebook has launched a tool called Preventive Health, which allows users to receive personalised reminders and recommendations about a range of health care tests and vaccines. It will focus on getting people information about cancer screenings, heart check-ups, and flu vaccines

UK Authority

NHS trusts demonstrate 5G ‘connected ambulance'

South Central Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust has developed a 5G ‘connected ambulance’ to enable remote diagnostics and link field practitioners with surgeons and consultants in real time.

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