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Quality improvement

Quality improvement processes and techniques

Highlighting developments in quality improvement.

Learn more about developments in quality improvement through content giving practice examples, describing tools, learning through innovation and case studies, commentary and statistics.

Audit, reviews, legislation, inspections and regulation

Care Quality Commission

High level guidance to support a shared view of quality in general practice

The 11 national organisations who together are responsible for the regulation and oversight of general practice in England have published a joint view of the principles that define quality in general practice. This national strategy will form the basis for defining quality measures and best practice.

Care Quality Commission

Are we listening? A review of children and young people’s mental health services

This report describes the findings of our independent review of the system of services that support children and young people’s mental health. The report draws on evidence gathered from fieldwork in 10 health and wellbeing board areas in England.

NHS England

New regulations allow advanced paramedics to prescribe medicines

Up to 7 out of 10 patients seen by urgent care advanced paramedics (APs) do not necessarily need to go to hospital. The new laws, which came into force on 1st April, allow ~700 APs to go through training programmes to enable them to prescribe medication for these patients.

Guidance, innovation and tools

NHS England

The Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) pathway for people with long-term physical health conditions and medically unexplained symptoms

From April 2018 all CCGs are expected to expand IAPT services integrated into physical health care pathways.

NHS England

Heart patients among those to benefit as NHS England backs innovation

Innovative image analysis software that creates a 3D model of the heart and could prevent up to 35,000 patients a year undergoing invasive tests will be fast-tracked into use by the NHS.

Practice examples and case studies

Care Quality Commission

Driving improvement: Case studies from seven mental health NHS trusts

What does it take to raise standards in a mental health trust? How can a trust that requires improvement become good or outstanding? To help answer those questions the CQC visited seven NHS mental health trusts that had achieved significant improvements in their ratings.

Reports, commentary and statistics


"Why call it care when no one cares?"

This report summarises the results of a series of listening events held with older people who are receiving care and their family early in 2018. Participants said that they would be prepared to pay more for care and that either a rise in general taxation or a percentage from estates following death should be used to fund care.

Centre for Mental Health

Integrating mental health and social care: does it work in practice?

This briefing looks at the integration of mental health services and social care, the benefits behind this and the challenges faced on the ground. It argues that the current pressures on both the health and care systems can conceal the day-to-day challenges of living with mental health problems.

Department of Health and Social Care

We need to do better on social care

Jeremy Hunt outlines the 7 key principles that will guide the Government's thinking ahead of the social care green paper, to be published later in 2018.

Health Foundation

What makes us healthy?

This guide explores how a person’s opportunity for health is influenced by factors outside the health and social care system. It also shows that many people don’t have the same opportunities to be as healthy as others.

House of Commons Public Accounts Committee

Sustainability and transformation in the NHS

This report concludes that the Department of Health and Social Care’s system for funding and financially supporting the NHS focuses too much on short-term survival and limits the NHS’s ability to transform services to achieve sustainability in the long term.

House of Lords EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee

Brexit: reciprocal healthcare

This report argues that in the absence of an agreement on reciprocal health care, the rights of UK citizens to hold a European Health Insurance Card for treatment in the EU will cease after Brexit.

Mental Health Foundation

An evaluation of the Standing Together project

The Standing Together project sought to investigate the impact of peer-support groups on the health and wellbeing of older people. This report outlines the results of the project evaluation and it finds evidence to suggest that peer-support groups can help to increase social connectedness among older people, thus improving their quality of life.

Mental Health Foundation

Pulling together

This book outlines the benefits of peer-support groups for older people's mental health and for improving social connectedness in later life. It aims to support the establishment and development of peer-support groups and to share the learning.

Nuffield Trust

Managing the hospital and social care interface: interventions targeting older adults

The health and social care sectors are dependent on one another to succeed. But the boundary – or interface – between the two is challenged daily: care received in one of the sectors has a direct impact on the other. This report focuses on that interface.

Office for National Statistics

Children’s well-being and social relationships, UK: 2018

How children aged 0 to 15 years in the UK are coping in a range of areas that matter to their quality of life, reflecting the circumstances of their lives and their own perspectives.


Prostate cancer: Britain's growing problem

This report finds that four in ten prostate cancer cases are diagnosed late and warns that action is needed to avert a potential prostate cancer crisis by 2030. It also brings together commentary and thought-leadership from some of the UK’s leading experts in the field to set out the key issues.

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

Maintaining momentum: driving improvements in mental health care

This report highlights failings that have occurred in specialist mental health services in England, and the toll this takes on patients and their families. The findings provide fresh impetus to deliver on the recommendations set out in The NHS five year forward view for mental health.

Public Accounts Committee

Sustainability and transformation in the NHS

This report finds that finding that the Department for Health and Social Care must set out plans to secure a long-term funding settlement that reflects real need.

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