Oncology nurse led clinics

Lyndel Moore, Cancer Nurse Consultant, Trust End of Life Lead Nurse, The Great Western Hospital Foundation NHS Trust

Lyndel's case study was completed in January 2016 and reflects 2016 prices

The number of people living with cancer in the UK is expected to rise from 2 million to 4 million by 2030, which will increase the demand for specialist care through the cancer pathway. The NHS Five Year Forward View Report acknowledges this forecast and recommends new models of care to support service delivery.

In order to reduce pressures on traditional medical-led clinics, Cancer Nurse Consultant, Lyndel Moore at Great Western Hospital Foundation Trust has introduced Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)-led clinics which have enhanced efficiency in the patient pathway and improved patient experience.

Lyndel selected the Trust's Breast and Uro-Oncology CNS-led clinics to undertake economic assessments compare these nurse-led with traditional practice.

By establishing an open access follow up clinic, cancer CNS's are improving the quality of life for people with breast cancer by empowering patients to self-manage their follow up care and access clinical services if and when required, rather than as a matter of routine. The avoidance of unnecessary hospital appointments increases efficiency and releases capacity to see more patients thus improving access to services.

The introduction of CNS-led uro-oncology clinics have reduced the time between first contact and treatment by 14 days and have also released medical consultant capacity.

Feedback from patient surveys has been overwhelmingly positive, with respondents acknowledging the holistic care they have received, and the opportunity to be involved in the decisions about their care.

You can contact Lyndel by email: lyndel.moore@gwh.nhs.uk.

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