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RCN Scotland Nurse of the Year Awards 2022

Nursing Team of the Year

RCN Scotland Nurse of the Year Awards

Across health and social care, nursing teams are working collaboratively to deliver innovation, service improvements and high-quality care. 


About the award

Open to teams who can demonstrate the significance of the nursing contribution to a project’s success as well as its impact on patient care. This award aims to recognise that great nursing is often delivered in teams and in close partnership with multidisciplinary colleagues – or even patients or stakeholders.


Who can be nominated?

Nursing teams or a multidisciplinary team where the nursing role has been instrumental in the success of a project or service delivery. 


RCN Scotland Nurse of the Year Awards 2024

Sponsored by

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Our finalists for this award were:



ADRS Crisis Outreach Service

Glasgow City, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Established in 2021, the ADRS Crisis Outreach Service in Glasgow City aims to reduce the increasing number of nonfatal overdoses and drug related deaths. With 12 nursing staff from across Addiction, Mental Health and Acute Adult nursing the team delivers a committed and understanding service for its patients. Tackling health inequalities, financial deprivation and stigmatisation, the team has developed a creative approach to engage this vulnerable and high-risk population through a focussed outreach approach across Glasgow city centre and its localities. In addition to supporting patients the team have provided practical and educational input with families, carers and a wide variety of support service staff to raise awareness and highlight the impact of alcohol and substance use on a person’s physical health, mental health and wider social networks. These interventions include training on recognising and managing a drug overdose, provision of naloxone including training on its use, access to recovery or support services across the city. The team’s inclusive approach has opened up opportunities to link in with a range of services to engage persons known and unknown to treatment services who have been identified as high risk or in alcohol or substance use crisis.

ADRS Crisis Outreach Service (Glasgow City)

Runner Up

Unit 5, Falkirk Community Hospital

NHS Forth Valley

Unit 5 at Falkirk Community Hospital was a 16 bedded unit for patients with dementia who were in hospital awaiting nursing home care. Due to the pressures of Covid it changed to a 21 bed unit for people with dementia and prolonged delirium. When staff within the ward were feeling they were unable to deliver more than a basic service to their patients they sought funding for an activity co-ordinator; this allowed someone to take control and responsibility outside of the day to day nursing care. The coordinator was able to spend one on one time with patients find out their goals and motivations. They were then able to set out actions that could be incorporated into patients’ planned care which the nurses could provide. With more personalised risk assessments required and sometimes difficult conversations about realistic expectations between patients/families and staff, the team sets out to build positive relationships and better communication channels. The team are extremely proud, that despite follow up after discharge to nursing homes being challenging as at first, their continued communication means that follow ups are much more meaningful and patients’ transition of care is less distressing as a result.

Unit 5, Falkirk Community

Highly Commended

Intensive and Unscheduled Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Team

West Glasgow Ambulatory Care Hospital, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

The Intensive Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (ICAMHS) / Unscheduled Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (UCAMHS) are unique nursing led teams which operates in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde aiming to reduce hospital admissions for young people experiencing a mental health crisis by delivering a high standard of nursing care 24/7. The service provides intensive support to young people with mental health difficulties who are currently known to CAMHS and respond to unscheduled care presentations of young people presenting via Emergency Departments and mental health assessment units, who are experiencing a mental health crisis. This innovative team is the first of its kind in Scotland. The service has embraced the recommendations set out by the Scottish Government in the CAMHS Service Specification 2020 to ensure crisis support is available to under 18s 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The team has expanded, almost doubling their numbers to meet this need and work in a creative, dynamic and person centred manner. This team is consistently striving to enhance services for children and young people across NHS GGC. Their commitment and passion for nursing shines through their eagerness to offer student nurses placement experiences and develop the future nursing workforce.

Intensive and Unscheduled Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Team

Public Protection Service

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

When innovative change in practice was required during Covid to ensure safe and effective management of key public protection roles and functions were in place, the Public Protection Service stepped into a coordinator role. This had to be established as most staff were working from home participating in Inter-agency Referral Discussions (IRD’s) remotely and completing health analysis in preparation for these discussions, and this had never occurred before. This new role included responsibility for completing requests for Inter-agency referral discussions for children considered to be at risk of harm and in need of protection. Working closely with administration staff to ensure all of the child’s record is searched, they identified nurse advisors available to complete pre discussion health analysis. This new and innovative way of practicing for the nurse advisors ensured a continued high level of service delivery to meet national standards. This had a positive impact for children and families ensuring the maintenance of early identification of concerns and need, early sharing of multi-agency information, permitting robust and comprehensive safety and care planning for children at risk of harm. Nurse advisors from GGC have also been the only Scottish health board involved in a National pilot with Social Work, Police and the Home Office in relation to
National Referrals for young people who are considered to have experienced Modern Slavery.

Public Protection Service

Nominations have now closed and, following the judging process, our finalists have been chosen by our panels.

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Sponsored by

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

About our sponsor

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) is the largest NHS organisation in Scotland and one of the largest in the UK. 

NHSGGC delivers effective and high quality person centred health services, to act to improve the health of our population and to do everything we can to address the wider social determinants of health which cause health inequalities. It is one of the largest employers in Scotland with approximately 43,000 staff, including 13,270 qualified nurses and 4,100 medical and dental staff. 

The Board provides strategic leadership and performance management for the entire local NHS system in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area and ensures that services are delivered effectively and efficiently. We are responsible for the provision and management of the whole range of health services in this area including hospitals and General Practice. We also work alongside partnership organisations including six Local Authorities and the voluntary sector.     


  • Serves a population of 1.3 million people
  • Employs around 43,500 staff
  • Has 35 hospitals of different types
  • Has contracts with around 232 GP Surgeries (1300 General Practitioners)
  • Has dental services in more than 279 locations
  • Has almost 188 Optician practices
  • Has over 50 Health Centres and Clinics
  • Has more than 288 Pharmacies
  • Has an annual budget of £3.3billion.

NHSGGC serves the people of:

  • East Dunbartonshire
  • East Renfrewshire
  • Glasgow City
  • Inverclyde
  • Renfrewshire
  • West Dunbartonshire.

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