RCN Scotland

Local authority elections


Scotland’s local authority elections take place on Thursday 4 May. 

People standing for election have a hugely important role in shaping health and social care services for generations to come. Integration authorities are now responsible for the planning, procurement and delivery of health and social care services to those in their community.

This means that elected Councillors will take decisions which affect health and social care services. They will also affect the staff who deliver those services.

That is why RCN Scotland is asking those standing for election as councillors to sign up to:

  • work with the RCN to understand the role of community nursing teams in delivering care 
  • value the range of nursing expertise found in Scotland’s community nursing teams 
  • champion nursing and the central role of nurses in delivering safe, effective care to people in the community.
So show your support for Scotland community nursing teams now by emailing Sarah Atherton, RCN Scotland Parliamentary and Media Officer at Sarah.Atherton@rcn.org.uk 

Page last updated - 03/08/2019