NHS Pay Review Body call for evidence on market-facing pay in local areas

In November 2011, the Chancellor of the Exchequer asked the public sector pay review bodies to consider how public sector pay could be made more responsive to local labour markets in England.

The NHS Pay Review Body produced its report in December 2012, which recommended that the existing national pay arrangements in the NHS should be retained. The Chancellor has accepted the PRB's recommendations.

Read the Pay Review report on the Office for Manpower Economics website.

The NHS trade unions submitted evidence in March 2012 to reject the call for market-facing pay in the NHS. We said that it was an attempt to drive down public sector pay in lower cost areas, to break up national pay determination and introduce local pay structures.

The RCN, and its sister trade unions are committed to national pay structures and Agenda for Change. The current system is fair, transparent and affordable and reject any move to implement local pay bargaining. Local pay would have a negative impact on nursing staff, the NHS and patients.

NHS staff side response

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

This review only covered England and on 26 February, the devolved administrations of Wales and Scotland wrote to the PRB to set out their support for UK-wide pay bargaining. Health Ministers Lesley Griffiths and Nicola Sturgeon stated that they did not favour nor see the merit in proposals for the PRB to consider the introduction of local pay. 

Read the letter to the Pay Review Body (PDF 269KB) [see how to access PDF files].