Suzanne Goodall Paediatric Nursing Award 2019

Sponsored by Ty Hafan

The Suzanne Goodall Paediatric Nursing Award is open to paediatric nurses who care for children and young people who have lifelong and/or life limiting illness. Nurses who play a key role in assessing children's nursing and other healthcare needs, taking into account their medical, social, cultural and family circumstances. Paediatric nurses plan and deliver care in a variety of settings, within hospitals and in the wider community. In addition to supporting children and young people, paediatric nurses work with families as part of a multidisciplinary team. 

About the award: This award aims to recognise a Registered Children’s Nurse who has made an outstanding contribution to the care of children or young people with lifelong and/or life limiting illness.

A Registered Children’s Nurse who is:
• Working at any level within a clinical role or managing clinical services within Wales 
• Practising within the Independent and Third sectors, NHS, or Local Authority.

• Able to demonstrate that their work is commensurate with national policy and strategy within health and social care relating to children and young people who are experiencing life limiting or life long complex illnesses
• Able to demonstrate a robust insight into the needs of children and young people with disabilities and the impact on the family
• Through effective leadership is able to demonstrate a positive contribution to an innovative development that has made a difference to people receiving care
• Use of a credible evidence-base to underpin their work or the project for which they are being nominated
• Able to demonstrate a safe governance framework for the service or innovation being described for which they are being nominated
• Able to clearly demonstrate the benefits the work has had for patients, clients, families and colleagues
• Through service evaluation, patient involvement and / or other means, is able to demonstrate a positive impact 
• Able to demonstrate leadership of an approach which promotes the public health agenda and supports healthy living within the family and/or population served.
• Able to demonstrate a passion for children’s rights and the willingness to advocate 
• Able to demonstrate an enabling attitude and promoting a positive approach to well being and independence  
• Show commitment to and passion for the nursing profession, going the “extra mile” demonstrating a “can do” positive attitude

Please read the nomination form guidance note before beginning your submission.

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