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  • Rachel Hollis Rachel Hollis 13 Sep 2020

    Join a Network for Support

    Rachel Hollis, Chair of the Professional Nursing Committee and member for Yorkshire and the Humber, highlights a number of networks that can offer you professional support.

  • Debbie Hammill Debbie Hammill 21 Jul 2020

    Put yourself forward to represent your region

    Nominations are open for all three RCN Representatives Committees until the 19 August.   Debbie Hamill from the Yorkshire and the Humber region spoke to us about getting involved and about her time on the UK Safety Reps Committee, which comes to an end in December 2020

  • Catherine Best Catherine Best 6 Dec 2019

    Learning Disability Nurses: Leading the way

    As Learning Disability Nursing celebrates its centenary, Yorkshire and the Humber Board Chair Catherine Best writes about the significant threat of a dwindling workforce hanging over this vitally important field of nursing.

  • Glenn Turp Glenn Turp 9 Jul 2019

    RCN calls for 'Wholly Owned Subsidiary' Company at Bradford Teaching Hospitals to be scrapped

    Regional director Glenn Turp writes about RCN fears over moves by the Bradford Teaching Hospitals to set up a ‘Wholly Owned Subsidiary’ Company.

  • Catherine Best Catherine Best 8 Jul 2019

    Exploring the Implications of the Interim NHS People Plan

      Chair of the Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Board, Catherine Best, looks at the recently published Interim NHS People Plan and explores what it could mean for the workforce.

  • Rachel Hollis Rachel Hollis 1 Jul 2019

    Introducing Rachel Hollis

    RCN Yorkshire and the Humber representative on the Professional Nursing Committee (PNC) Rachel Hollis writes about why she became a member of the PNC, her role and looks ahead to the future.

  • Catherine Best Catherine Best 8 Apr 2019

    Staffing for Safe and Effective Care - Yorkshire and the Humber event

    The RCN Yorkshire and the Humber Staffing for Safe and Effective Care collaborative event was held on 5 April 2019. It brought together members, activists and staff to start to co-produce and co-plan the regional campaign to demand changes to the law to protect patient care.  

  • Glenn Turp Glenn Turp 15 Mar 2019

    Staffing for safe and effective care in Yorkshire and the Humber

    Yorkshire and the Humber regional director Glenn Turp looks at the latest combined performance figures released by NHS England and the need for urgent action to address the staffing crisis.

  • Catherine Best Catherine Best 20 Feb 2019

    Leading the way

    Newly elected Chair of the Yorkshire and the Humber regional board Catherine Best writes about some of her aims and hopes for her new role.  

  • Glenn Turp Glenn Turp 23 Jan 2019

    Looking ahead through 2019

    A brief look ahead to RCN planned activity and campaigns for 2019 from regional director Glenn Turp.