Retired members - Yorkshire and the Humber

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If you are over 55 and in receipt of a state or occupational pension then you can join this regional network for RCN Retired members. Joining will enable you to stay informed about issues and developments relevant to you so that you can represent the pensioners' voice.

Meetings are held on a quarterly basis and feature topical discussions and presentations. You can find out more by emailing or calling 0113 3860507.

You can get in touch via the regional office for more information or copies of meeting minutes by emailing

National Pensioners' Convention

Please follow the link above for the latest campaign news from the NPC 

Key objectives

The key objectives of the RCN Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Retired Members Network are to:

  • Consult on national and regional policies, to support and reflect on relevant nursing and social policy issues.
  • Work with the Regional Communications Manager in relation to media campaigns, e.g. lobbying.
  • Develop close links with the RCN Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Board and RCN Branches to ensure integration.
  • Develop close links with RCN Officers to contribute to education, development and training, recruitment & retention, and the equality and diversity agendas.
  • Establish, where appropriate, working groups, in order to progress issues outside of Network meetings, that will be reported back for discussion and agreement.
  • Ensure appropriate communication mechanisms so that information is cascaded to and from the Network in a consistent and timely manner (National RCN Retired Members Network, The National Pensioners Convention [NPC] both regionally and nationally, RCN Yorkshire and the Humber Region Board and RCN Branches, appropriate RCN national groups, e.g. RCN Older People Professional Grouping, RCN Congress etc).
  • Keep abreast of developments in respect of current issues as they affect nursing and retired RCN members.
  • Develop, where possible, links with the local/regional health organisations, e.g. health and wellbeing boards, appropriate local authority scrutiny committees, healthwatch and clinical commissioning groups in the Region.

Page last updated - 03/08/2019