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  • Dee Sissons Dee Sissons 12 May 2020

    Celebrating Florence, honouring those we've lost

    Today, on the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth, it’s Nurses’ Day – the annual opportunity for the public, and nurses themselves, to take a few moments to celebrate the profound good that nursing does.

  • Kelly Hitchcock Kelly Hitchcock 28 Nov 2019

    'I worry about things I haven't finished. And things I haven't even started'

    I have just finished yet another week working in a short-staffed team. With four nurses long-term sick, three on sickness leave, one on annual leave and two unfilled posts, our team of 14 nurses finds itself reduced to just four.

  • Sheila Marriott Sheila Marriott 1 Dec 2017

    An STP in the right direction?

    In meteorological terms, today is the first day of winter, the time of the year associated with increased pressure on the whole health and social care system; pressure most keenly felt in hospital emergency departments and inpatient wards, the gauge of how much capacity there is, or not, in the system at any one time.