Small changes, big differences How nursing staff add value to the procurement process

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As well as playing an instrumental role in the purchasing of consumables, nursing staff also have an important role to play in how they are disposed of after use. 

The global impact of climate change, brought about as a result of human activity, is a major threat to all global citizens.

In recent years, it’s been at the top of the political agenda, and, here in the UK we all have a role to play.

As nursing staff, the health of the public and, in particular, our patients, is significant priority, which is why the RCN is committed to supporting our members, and other key stakeholders, to make differences in their workplace, which will improve public health and contribute to the sustainability agenda.

Success stories

The following two case studies are examples of how nursing practices can reduce a workplace’s carbon footprint, whilst also improving care.

> Making operating theatres greener

> Improving hygiene and reducing glove use go hand in hand

Tell us about the changes you have made in your organisation and share your examples of good practice in sustainability. 

Page last updated - 09/11/2023