Our work

Our members, their roles, the employers and our region are all diverse.  Our work in the RCN South West aims to support our members in times of adversity, in times of challenge and every other day to enhance their work.

Our work is wide ranging but falls into three broad categories.

Advise, support and represent

We offer support to our members for issues they are experiencing at work both individually and as a collective.  

RCN staff and workplace representatives offer advice and expert support to represent our members' interests on employment, legal and professional issues.


We support our members by influencing decision-makers such as employers, local councillors and members of parliament on issues relating to health.  

We also create opportunities and support members to engage in influencing work.

Professional development

Every year we hold a range of continuing professional development events across the region for assistant practitioners, health care assistants, registered nurses and members working in the independent sector.  All events are free to members and non-members.  Our branches also host a range of learning events and workshops.

We also develop our representatives with a comprehensive training and mentoring programme and host regular learning and development events for them.

RCN reps

Being a rep can be one of the most fulfilling activities you can undertake. Fully supported by the RCN at every turn, we will equip you with the skills and knowledge to represent your colleagues and your region.

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Page last updated - 03/08/2019