Regional Board

The RCN South West Board meets three times a year. This year it meets on 18 February, 10 June and 16 September.
South West members are welcome to observe the open session of any board meeting.
If you wish to contact a board member please email

Board member Name
Jeanette Jones
Vice Chair Jaydee Swarbrick
UK Council member Geoffrey Walker
Professional Nursing Committee member Carly Boyce
Trade Union Committee Jeni Watts
Bath branchSteve Dunne-Howells
Cornwall branch
Devon branch 
Ali Purkiss
Dorset branch
Jaydee Swarbrick
Gloucestershire branch  
Charlotte Jakab-Hall
Greater Bristol branch
Jeanette Jones
Plymouth branch

Somerset branchJudith Barry
Wiltshire branch

Page last updated - 11/01/2021