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  • Teresa Budrey Teresa Budrey 21 Dec 2017

    Nursing staff as busy as ever over festive period

    Christmas is the time of year where people start to wind down, take time off work to spend with their families and simply relax. But for those working in the NHS and independent sector, winter is often not a time for rest and relaxation. A&Es are busier than ever, hospital wards packed with patients and nursing homes under pressure to help relieve challenges in hospitals by taking in those who are taking up precious beds.

  • Teresa Budrey Teresa Budrey 1 Dec 2017

    Student backing for pay campaign has boosted results

    It seems a long time ago now that the RCN launched its #scrapthecap campaign to help remove the cap on nursing pay increases and give our members the pay rise they so need and deserve.

  • #scrapthecap #scrapthecap 16 Aug 2017

    Let's get your voices heard in #scrapthecap campaign

    It is now more than three months since members at RCN Congress voted for a “summer of protest” in response to the years of pay restraint suffered by nursing staff across our region and the whole of the UK.

  • #scrapthecap #scrapthecap 4 Jul 2017

    Let's protect the NHS - Let's scrap the cap

    Working in nursing is by no means an easy job. We work hard for our money, often under extreme stress in understaffed services and with rising demand.

  • Adrian Ing Adrian Ing 23 May 2017

    Student nurses speak out at Congress

    In a profession such as nursing, getting your voice heard is vitally important – although not always easy.

  • Gina Newton Gina Newton 7 Mar 2017

    The thought of revalidation was more worrying than the actual process

    To start off I was really worried that I wasn’t going to be able to prove that I had actually done all the things I knew I had done. But I had all my certificates and other documentation so I pulled everything together and I realised I had done quite a lot and could present everything quite quickly. Once all the proof was in front of me, the reflective piece was quite easy to do.

  • Teresa Budrey Teresa Budrey 7 Mar 2017

    Revalidation – relating the requirements away from hands-on nursing to a trade union role

    I updated my portfolio of learning and feedback as the new Revalidation process was commenced with the NMC in December 2015.

  • Teresa Budrey Teresa Budrey 7 Mar 2017

    Nurses must look after themselves so they can look after others

    At this time of year it should be no surprise to anyone that hospitals are busy, community health care is pushed to its limits and NHS services are frequently struggling to cope with demand.

  • Marilyn Martin Marilyn Martin 7 Mar 2017

    I found revalidation quite a cathartic process

    I completed my revalidation in December.  I was concerned at how much time it would take to prepare the paperwork, but it wasn’t too onerous.

  • Teresa Budrey Teresa Budrey 15 Dec 2016

    STPs promise huge change and potential benefits - but at what cost?

    In recent weeks reams of information about the future of the NHS in our region has been published online. If you’ve missed them, you’re not alone. The majority of the public is probably unaware of the huge changes about to be set in action as part of the so-called Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs).