Branches are made up of all RCN members in a geographic area. They help organise RCN activities in their area and provide opportunities for members to participate in and shape the work of the RCN.


  • Chair: Nina Heighington
  • Vice Chair: Kelly Hitchcock
  • Secretary: Lee Fretwell
  • Treasurer: Courtney Grant
  • Communications officer: Catriona McIntosh

North Nottinghamshire

  • Chair: Adele Bonsall
  • Secretary: Kim Mattison
  • Treasurer: Position vacant
  • Committee member: Tonia Birchall

South Lincolnshire

  • Chair: Mark Le Sage
  • Secretary: Amanda Eliff
  • Treasurer: Chris Daubney

Leicestershire and Rutland

  • Chair: David Mathers
  • Secretary: Ian Thomas
  • Vice Secretary: Jane Lavelle
  • Treasurer: Sarah Brobbey
  • Committee member - students: Charlotte Gransden
  • Committee member - retired members: Shirley Illife


  • Chair: Vicky Cordwell
  • Vice Chair: Carole Spiers
  • Secretary: Ian Graham
  • Vice Secretary: Amy Johnson
  • Treasurer: Saziso Moyo
  • Safe Staffing Campaign Branch Lead: Angela Wong

North Lincolnshire

  • Chair: Melanie Kerr
  • Secretary: Siobhan Westgate
  • Treasurer: Vacant


  • Chair: Marva Duncan
  • Secretary: Helen Inskip
  • Treasurer: Maive Coley
  • Communications officer: Andi Robinson

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