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If you work in Jersey, this is your branch. The branch also has a Facebook page which you are invited to join:

As well as the committee, the branch also has a Vice Chair - Maureen Degruchy (Mo).

This branch is very active and always has lots of events on.

What is happening with workforce modernisation?

You may not be aware that Workforce modernisation is being done in 2 phases:

Phase 1
Civil Servants, Manual Workers, Nurses and Midwives Family support workers, Le Geyt, RCCO’s, Ambulance, Energy for Waste and Youth Service

Phase 2
Teachers, Lecturers, Heads and Deputy head teachers, Fire Service, Police Service, Prison officers and unit managers, Chief Officers and Senior Civil Servants.

Ballot latest

A ballot was held for all members of HSSD during Jan/Feb. The results were announced on 12 Feb. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to the ballot. The results are as follows:
Ballot papers returned: 51%
Of these papers:
Yes: 23%
No: 75%
Invalid: 2%

The result is very clearly "no" but from our consultations we are aware that it was not all parts of the offer that fell short of your expectations.

The employer has since withdrawn the WFM offer.

Recently the RCN became aware that the number of allied health care professional posts uplifted on the day before the release of the WFM results to all the public sector staff in November 2017, was much more extensive than we had been informed.

The RCN and JNA had met with the Managing Director of Community and Social Services and HR Director of HSSD in December and had been told the reason they had to take this action was as a result of the Independent care enquiry. They claimed that on the grade available they could not recruit Social Workers with specialist Child Protection experience required for Children’s Services. They also said that social workers were undervalued and underpaid in the island. Three weeks ago we became aware that there were other grades of allied health care professionals uplifted also not only in Community and Social Services but in the hospital as well. There were no nurses involved in these upgrades or re-evaluations.

During this time, we have discovered many inconsistencies in the reason for these upgrades and how they were being paid for. We were told in December the money came from existing department budgets, yet the RCN have spoken to a number of managers across the service who were not aware that some of their staff were upgraded nor was the money for these coming from their existing budgets.

At a time when HSSD are rolling out the Our Values Our Actions Programme and the managers leading on this are some of the same managers responsible for the upgrading, this move is totally insupportable and we recognise the anger you will feel. Instead of WFM delivering pay equality, this single action has made the difference as big as ever and we now have the inexcusable position of nurses working within multi-disciplinary teams in many cases the most experienced in the team and being paid less than their colleagues for no other reason than they are a nurse.

The RCN, for over 100 years, has supported nurses and nursing and we are not about to stop now. Since this came to light we have met with some senior managers to express your feelings to them and there is broad agreement that this need to be fixed. We have also written to the New Chief Executive of the States of Jersey Mr Charlie Parker and await his response.

What is happening with pay?

In January we wrote to the employer on your behalf to ask to meet to discuss pay for 2017 as the previous deal had been for 2015/16 The other unions also wrote to discuss Pay in 2017. The RPI in September 2016 was 1.7%

At a meeting with the Employer on 11th October 2017 they said that pay groups in phase 1 of Workforce Modernisation Agreement pay for 2017 would be addressed in the final offer. Pay groups in Phase 2 were made an offer of 0.7% for 2017. This offer was unanimously rejected.

In a Letter from the employer to the Joint Unions on the 19th October 2017 the employer improved their offer.

Pay groups in phase 2 were now being offered 2% consolidated from 1st January 2017.

Pay Groups in phase 1 were offered 1% consolidated from 1st January 2017 and the pay within the WFM agreement would also be uplifted from the proposed implementation date of the 1st July 2017. The employer said that for the majority of pay groups in Phase 1 this offer would equate to 2% or greater.

A ballot asked all members employed by HSSD to respond to whether they accepted or rejected the new offer and this offer was rejected.

On 2 April we opened another ballot for members employed by HSSD and FNHC which stated:

You will be aware that the RCN rejected the Workforce Modernisation (WFM) offer. Following this the RCN and joint Staff side met with the employers reps to discuss a way forward.
The Joint Unions all agreed that members had received nothing for 2017 and this had to be a priority that a separate offer was made for 2017 alone.   In a meeting to discuss the restructure of the States Departments, Mr Charlie Parker the new Chief Executive made an offer from 1st January 2017, as had been requested by the Joint staff side.

The offer for 2017 is 2% for all States pay groups except Nurses and Midwives.

The offer to Nurses and Midwives is 2.5% in view of the 12/13/14 agreement we have with the SEB.

In December 2016 the cost of living was 2% therefore this is the figure any increase would be based upon. We are pleased to see that our agreement is being maintained.

At this stage we do not know if the employer will impose this upon staff if it is rejected but we are aware this has happened to some groups that were not in the scope of the WFM Offer.

Separate to this offer we are also structuring what happens next since the withdrawal of WFM, and will be submitting our pay claim for 2018/19 based on this.


If you have any queries you should contact Kenny McNeil, Chairman Royal College Of Nursing, Jersey Branch, by calling 01534 444544 or 07797 892112.