You're not alone

Hollie’s online mental health support for nursing students has never been more needed

A Facebook group I set up as a student nurse has seen a huge surge n subscribers since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Right now, people are looking for ways to express, explore and educate each other about stress-related illness and burnout. 

Everyone is so busy, you may feel you don’t know what’s going on or you’re a nuisance if you ask a question. But you’re not alone and reaching out is essential.

Even before the pandemic took hold, many of us were simply not confident enough to come forward when affected by a situation at work or on placement.

Speaking out can feel like a big thing to do

Speaking out can feel like a big thing to do and some people feel scared of identifying they have a need. 

How we react to trauma differs from person to person so if you’re struggling, it’s important to speak to your colleagues, your university, the RCN, or take a look at the ProVent Facebook group I set up.

It’s a place to offload and discuss work-related issues around mental health and wellbeing. We also have an email address so you can contact us to ask that we post on your behalf or to request private advice and support based on our experience.

Sharing coping strategies

We share positive stories and strategies for improving staff morale and when we come together it’s clear that the way we all think, feel and question things is completely normal.

I understand the emotional impact of working in health care roles and the stress of being a student, which can sometimes feel overwhelming.

I’m now working on a trauma awareness app which could give students and staff the option of speedy access to anonymous support for trauma and information on how best to cope with what you’re facing.

The current crisis has reinforced just how important this kind of work is. 

Further information

Hollie’s developing an app after winning £5,000 in funding in an Anglia Ruskin University competition.

Part of its purpose is to provide educational, interactive and visual content around the mental health and wellbeing of staff and students, serving as a place to offload, reflect, debrief, ask questions, get information and receive support.

ProVent is not affiliated to, or endorsed by, the RCN.

Photograph by Warren Page.

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