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Gender identity: 'These conversations are vital'

We need to talk about and respect people’s gender pronouns, says Liz Curr

'We’ve noticed a massive increase in anxiety'

As we emerge from the pandemic, school nurses are playing an increasingly vital role

'Every rep had their views listened to'

Anne tells us how getting involved in RCN projects can improve your professional skills

Can you help find the 14,000?

The number of men having treatment for prostate cancer has been severely affected by the pandemic

Development is for everyone

NSWs deserve to grow too, says practice development nurse Louise

'It's just a finger prick'

Nursing associate LeaSuwanna explains how important and easy it is to get tested for HIV

Coming together in COVID times

Being redeployed to a post-COVID ward affirmed Audrey's love of nursing

‘English is like a foreign language for some Deaf people’

Why we need more nursing staff who are Deaf or fluent in British Sign Language

It’s important to talk about what HCAs do

It’s important to talk about what HCAs do and what would happen if they didn’t do it

Áine says NSWs deserve respect for their contribution to patient care

Áine says nursing support workers deserve respect for their contribution to patient care

Dealing with death

It’s time to prioritise support for nursing students dealing with the death of a patient, says Megan

Five ways you could benefit from joining the RCN UK Students Committee

Nominations open for six seats on the Students Committee

'My rare condition inspired me to become a women's health nurse'

Charlotte shares her story of living with PMP

‘Our son Laurie gave life to four men’

When the unthinkable happens, organ donation can provide hope to others

'Long COVID is unpredictable. My symptoms are different each day'

Natasha faces a double diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome and long COVID. She tells us her story

My long COVID experience

How the virus has changed Kelly’s life

‘A pay rise recognises a job well done’

Nader shows his support for the nursing staff who cared for his father before he died

Racism is a wound

Penny reflects on the importance of coming together to address ongoing issues

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