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Students: conquer placement nerves

Nervous about an upcoming placement? You're not alone

The power of plants

Good for us, great for patients – here’s why houseplants benefit everyone

5 simple exercises for nursing staff

Tackle back and neck pain with these easy exercises

Tiring, distressing, emotional: the realities of giving CPR

And why debriefs are so important

‘My doodles represent a silent scream’

How art helped this nurse with stress

In conversation: suicidal thoughts

Nurses Liz and Shelley share their experiences and advice for supporting others

A second chance at nursing

Hannah's story of hope after mental illness

Alcohol misuse: how to have a crucial conversation

Addiction specialist Ellie shares practical advice for talking about alcohol

Video: 'Singing can lower stress levels'

Nursing staff explore the wellbeing benefits of joining a choir

Five ways to help beat burnout

Student Rebecca shares what’s helped her when things have felt overwhelming

How to support nursing staff under stress

Top tips for looking after yourself and colleagues

Nurturing neurodiversity

Nurse Aaron shares the importance of inclusivity and supporting neurodiverse nursing colleagues

How to manage the menopause

Five top tips

Empowered and appreciated: how one NSW helped colleagues find joy in work

When nursing support workers are valued, the whole team benefits

Positive placements

Isabella’s urging universities to provide tailored mental health support for students

Calling time on overworking

Working extra time at the end of each shift can have a detrimental effect on wellbeing

Five ways to combat compassion fatigue

Top tips on understanding and overcoming empathy-sapping exhaustion

How to cope with anxious moments

Strategies to stop challenging times having a longer-term impact

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