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The extraordinary life of Daphne Steele

She was the first Black matron to join the NHS

'They're not just little adults'

The history of children's nursing

NHS 75: the history of our National Health Service

As the NHS celebrates its 75th anniversary, we go back in time to 1948 to find out how it's evolved

Celebrating 25 years of RCN Direct

How has our member support service evolved to meet your needs?

Goodbye, Bulletin

Look back at the history of our printed magazines, from 1920 to the 21st century

Empire, racism and the NHS

The history of sickle cell disorder and how nurses created specialist services

‘History shows that when members act, they are formidable’

For more than 200 years, trade unions have advocated for workers. What have they achieved?

Nursing on the factory floor

Find out how occupational health nursing has evolved with the times

Care or control?

The complex history of learning disability nursing

Fire hoses, jammed doors and improvised barricades

Remembering the Radcliffe strikers 100 years on

Crushed eggshells, banana skins and fish bones

How did interned nurses provide nutrition for POWs in WWII?

'Fearless about being first'

How a Nigerian nurse became one of the profession's most influential leaders

Molly Murphy: the life of an activist nurse

Suffragette, revolutionary and wartime nurse – discover the extraordinary history of nurse Molly

What do witches and nurses have in common?

Research into healers and midwives accused of witchcraft reveals secrets about origins of nursing

Finding the black nurses of the Royal Navy

Historian Dr Erin Spinney uncovers the lives and work of enslaved black nurses

The day the NHS arrived

On 5 July 1948, health care professionals rolled up their sleeves for a historic day at work

Celebrating BAME nursing history

Online exhibition recognises the incredible diversity of our nursing workforce

Prisoner of war to psychiatric nurse

Professor Peter Nolan, nursing history expert, recalls the story of mental health nurse Jack

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