Informing RCN activists and sharing their stories

Supervision to suit you

New supervision standards mean that all RCN learning reps and safety reps will be given the same level of high quality support

Download the July issue of Activate

Download the July issue of Activate

Stand and deliver

Have you thought about standing for election to the RCN professional nursing or trade union committees? Find out why it’s something you should consider…

Download the June issue of RCN Activate

Download the June issue of RCN Activate

Top tips for influencing your MP

Student member of RCN Council Amy Fancourt shares her advice on meeting and influencing your MP and other elected representatives

Download the May issue of Activate

Download the May issue of Activate

Lending a hand during Glove Awareness Week

Safety reps can play a key role in helping reduce the incidence of work-related contact dermatitis among nursing staff

Do you have what it takes?

With elections underway for the RCN Congress Agenda Committee, Maureen Dolan encourages fellow activists to consider standing

Download the April issue of RCN Activate

April issue of Activate

Extra protection for terminally ill employees

RCN reps are supporting a campaign that seeks to ensure staff with a terminal illness aren’t forced out of work

Download the March issue of Activate


How the RCN 3Rs initiative protects staff wellbeing

Busy nursing staff need encouragement to rest, rehydrate and refuel. RCN resources can help reps drive home the message

Campaigning for change

Reps unite to suss out strategy for getting members engaged

Download the February issue of Activate

Download the February issue of Activate

Fighting for fair pay at a local level

Meet RCN Steward Anne Kennedy who supported a group of nursing staff to move up to higher NHS pay bands following changes to their job roles