Informing RCN activists and sharing their stories

Branching out

Getting members along to branch meetings can be a hard sell. But Diane says social media has helped improve engagement

Enhanced support

Trainee RCN steward Sammi shares her advice on making reasonable adjustments and explains how being deaf has helped her support colleagues

Legal update: is veganism a protected characteristic?

We look at a case in which an employment tribunal has ruled that veganism can constitute a philosophical belief

Creating expert guidance

Alison and Sharon share their experience of creating the RCN's popular catheter care guidance and their top tips for producing professional publications 

Download the Winter 2020 issue of RCN Activate

Download the Winter 2020 issue of RCN Activate

'It will be my go-to guide'

RCN safety rep Janice explains how she’s helped create a new resource that supports reps to address workplace health and safety issues linked to nursing shortages

Ask an adviser: violence at work

Everyone has the right to be safe at work no matter what setting they're employed in. Here are the steps members should follow if they're assaulted at work

Legal update: seeking better protection

RCN Head of Legal (Employment) Joanne Galbraith-Marten explains why the law needs to be strengthened to protect members from third-party harassment

Unleash your campaigning potential

Laura and Julie have helped develop a new resource that supports reps to plan campaign action and harness the support of members

Spotlight on risk assessments

RCN safety rep Neil explains why risk assessments are so important and what members should do if they think one is needed

Legal update: third-party harassment

Find out how the RCN is trying to use case law to clarify there’s still some form of legal protection available for third-party harassment

Snow worries

RCN rep Yvonne negotiated with her employer to secure special equipment so nursing staff are better protected in extreme weather

Taking the stand

David shares his experience of presenting a matter for discussion at RCN Congress for the first time

'Be brave'

Read our guide to submitting RCN Congress agenda items and emergency items, and what to expect if yours is accepted

Legal update: covert recordings

A recent case demonstrates why employees and employers should avoid secretly recording meetings or conversations at work