Informing nursing students and sharing their stories

'No amount of studying can prepare you for this'

Student nurse Rose shares her reflections on a winter placement in A&E

Terrified of being newly qualified?

We ask four newly qualified nurses (NQNs) from across the different disciplines to give tips and advice on transitioning from student to NQN

Download the autumn/winter 2019 issue of RCN Students

Download the autumn/winter issue of RCN Students

Fair care for everyone

Student nurse Brooke and her partner Dan are sharing their own experiences to speak up for transgender patients 

Safeguarding children: how to identify and escalate concerns

Senior lecturer Zoe Clarke explains how to spot the signs of neglect, maltreatment and abuse and raise concerns to keep children safe

Getting through the second-year blues

Toni shares her struggles during this challenging stage of her nursing degree and how she moved past them with a little help

Do you know how to detect delirium?

As the RCN seeks to increase awareness of this confusional state, lecturer Gary has developed training for students at his university

When the student becomes the teacher

When Fay left university after nurse training two years ago, she had no idea she’d be back again so soon. But this time, she’s standing at the front of the lecture hall…

Top tips for new students

Jess has some reassuring words and advice for all students who recently started university 

Students take on Snowdon

What could the challenge of climbing a mountain teach you about nursing?

Nursing associates: what's all the fuss about?

The number of nursing associates in England is growing. What’s their role and how will they work with students?

Sharing is caring

John-Marc's helping improve care for people with learning disabilities

Download the spring 2019 issue of RCN Students

The spring 2019 issue of RCN Students

Top tips for coping with stress

Lucy Elliot shares her advice for getting through tough times

Blood, sweat and unicorns

Katt is helping to stop the stigma surrounding mental health one run at a time