Regional board

The RCN Northern board meets three times a year and its meetings include an open session which all Northern region members are welcome to attend as an observer. 

During 2021, the board will meet online on 17 February, 2 June and 22 September.

RCN members are welcome to observe the open session of any board meeting. These are generally from 11.15 am until around 3:00 pm. You can book via our RCN Northern events listings page.

If you wish to contact a board member, attend a meeting or obtain a copy of the minutes from the open session of any board meeting then please email

Board member

 Board member                  Role                                                                                                 

David Cook                          Chair

Janet Mortimer                  Vice Chair

Michael Appleby               Council member (ex officio)

Tim Grace                            Professional Nursing Committee (ex officio)

Vacant                                  Trade Union Committee (ex officio)

Lynda High

Claire Reynolds

Andrew Moore

Jill Gale

Nadine Short

Mark Tull

Steven Yull

Page last updated - 01/02/2021